Tragic News

Dear members,

We are shattered by the terrible news of the murder of Ezra Schwartz (z"l), grandson of Heni and Mark Schwartz, in a terror attack today in Alon Shvut, Israel.  Our hearts go out to the entire family and our prayers are with them.  

I have no words to describe the shock and horror of this unfathomable tragedy.  We look to Hashem and each other for strength and support to get us through this.

Further news is pending at this time.

Rabbi Fred Hyman

Jews and the Civil War

Slide show with voice-over of a Westville University lecture by Marc Wortman (Duration: 1 hr. 17 min. 13 sec.)

The Continuing Journey of the Westville Synagogue

by Howard Blas
(The first building of the Westville Synagogue)
The original home of the Westville Synagogue (1954)

The Westville Synagogue, sixty years in the making, continues to evolve and grow, serving the needs of the Orthodox and larger New Haven Jewish community. In the Spring of 1952, Charles Albom, Arthur Slutsky and Herbert Batt dreamed of having a synagogue in Westville. A small group began davening in a private home with a Torah borrowed from the Young Israel of New Haven. In 1953, 75 people attended High Holiday services at the Davis Street School. In January 1954, a group met to discuss the idea of establishing an Orthodox shul in Westville; a small house on West Prospect Street was purchased and services were held just before Pesach.

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