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Shabbat, February 25 2017 – Parashat Mishpatim

Services and Zmanim

Friday, February 25, 28 Shvat
Shacharit: 7:00 AM, Mincha: 5:15 PM, Candle lighting: 5:18 PM

Shabbat, February 26, 29 Shvat
Shacharit: 9:00 AM, Mincha: 5:10 PM, Havdalah: 6:19 PM


Rabbi Hyman’s Friday night class is titled “Can One Buy A Shul Honor?”

Rabbi Hyman’s Drasha on Shabbat is titled “The Centrality of Ethical Conduct in Torah.”.

Our thanks to Dov Horowitz and Steven Zalesch for reading from the Torah this week.

Kiddush after Shabbat morning services features multiple versions of Cholent, organized by Elchanan and Marina Baine. Rebecca Koenigsberg is contributing scotch (selected by Moshe) in honor of Michael’s birthday


Westville University

March 1st – Herb Block on “Maintaining Jewish Heritage in Central and Eastern Europe: The Physical and Cultural Remnants”.


In the Community

What’s Cooking? Couples cooking – On the first Thursday of the month Feb 2 – June 1. Lara and Sahar Yahav offer a warm atmosphere to learn and dine. Each class end with a community meal BABYSITTING available (add. charge) $165/couple

JCC Mitzvah Fair – March 5th (7 Adar) Participate in a Community-Wide collection of Mitzvah Activities. Choose from events at four locations

JCC FITNESS CENTER 4 Research Drive Woodbridge, CT
B’NAI JACOB 74 Rimmon Road Woodbridge, CT
TOWER ONE/ TOWER EAST 18 Tower Lane New Haven, CT

Donate sample size toiletries to area shelters (drop off at Shul); Mitzvah Fair will wrap them up into gift packages.

Communal Purim SeudaCommunal Purim Seudah, Sunday March 12, hosted at Westville Synagogue including megilla readings great food and fabulous entertainment (especially for the kids).

This is an independent collaborative community event, sponsored by Westville Shul together with five other synagogues and the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven and is open to the entire community. Featuring:

• 2 separate afternoon megilla readings at 4:00 pm,

• Communal meal (kosher) at 5:15 p.m. with…

• MC/DJ Charles F. Rosenay!!! provides kid centered entertainment


• Early Bird (until Feb. 21) $24 per adult or teen (ages 11+), $14 per child (ages 5-10), under 5, no charge

• Until Mar. 6, $30 per adult or teen (ages 11+), $20 per child (ages 5-10), under 5 no charge.

To help out on the planning committee and/or on the day, contact Sharon Naveh at and/or Ruth Gross at

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